Let's Talk about the Perpetual Foreigner Stereotype

We as Canadians, like to think of ourselves as living in an inclusive society, but how true is that? If we look more closely at the history and treatment of Canadians of non-european descent, what we discover is that equality and equity is still absent for many in our society. In this video, we dive into how the Perpetual Foreigner stereotype problematically separates Asians and other visible minorities as second-class citizens in Canadian society.

Credit List

Producer & Director: Jon Yu

Co-Producer: Karen Cho

Art director & Script: Yang Shi

Script consultant: Viet Tran

Research: Richmond Lam, Yang Shi, Karen Cho

Project management: Serena Gronlund and Danita OT Chow

Casting & coordination: Danita OT Chow

Camera work: Jon Yu and Richmond Lam

Audio recording (Montreal interviews): Brent Li

Audio engineering and mastering: Sarah Shin

Voice-over talent: France Stohner, Viet Tran

Illustrations: Thaila Khampo

Animation & Motion graphics: Olivia Chan

De-rushing: Jon Yu, Richmond Lam, Serena Gronlund, Danita OT Chow

Editing & Motion graphics: Jon Yu

Transcription & Subtitling: Jon Yu

French translation: Yang Shi

Land acknowledgement consultant: Mario Adam Parent

Participants and Interviewees (in order of appearance)

Anne-Marie Pham
Nancy Ng
Tammy – flower lady
Skater #1: Amy Wong
Skater #2: Kevin Chong
Ahalya Satkunaratam
Murielle Chan Chu
Lisa Sim
Alice Leung
Keith Allison
Rachel Cheung
Thaila Khampo
Susil Sharma
Julien Nguyen
Kenji Ohashi
Monica Batac
Young barista
César Cala
Emily Jan
André-Anne Côté
Betty Valenzuela
Chuong Trinh
Teresa Woo-Paw
Angela Ly
Tim Bauer

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Karen Cho

Special Acknowledgements

Bette Lee & Peter Yu
Hiroshi Iishi & Alexis
Kristin Regan & Justin Orze
Caelie Frampton


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French Subtitles
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