Let's Talk Webinars

Join us! We will be holding two webinars on May 20 and June 24 with a panel discussion to talk about the videos and find ways to reflect and resolve anti-Asian sentiments.

May 20, 2021 1 p.m. - 3 p.m. MST

Join us on May 20 from 1-3 p.m. MST as we host a panel discussion with a special focus on two videos – “Yellow Peril” and “Model Minority”.

Moderated by Teresa Woo-Paw, the founder of Action, Chinese Canadians Together (ACCT), we will discuss with our panelists why the yellow peril narrative still persists today. In what ways do our systems and structures uphold this form of racism? How has this narrative impacted racialized Canadians as employees, students, community members and, as we strive to be equal citizens?

Our goal is to go beyond what has been discussed previously so we can find ways to address systematic racism.


The Honourable Bardish Chagger

Minister of Diversity and Inclusion and Youth

The Honourable Bardish Chagger was elected in 2015 as the Member of Parliament for Waterloo. Minister Chagger is devoted to inclusion and community building. From assisting with recreational sports for kids to volunteering with seniors, she is committed to strengthening the bonds of the Waterloo community. In an earlier role with the Kitchener-Waterloo Multicultural Centre, Minister Chagger worked to foster diversity within the community and provide opportunities for social and economic engagement. As an executive assistant to former Member of Parliament Andrew Telegdi, she gained a deep understanding of the issues of importance to residents of Waterloo, including manufacturing, technology, and innovation.

Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson

Government of Canada Crown-Indigenous Relations and Northern Affairs

Daniel Quan-Watson is a proud public servant who is passionate about the role that public institutions play in shaping Canada and the lives of Canadians. His appointment at Crown-Indigenous Relations and Indigenous Affairs is his fifth appointment as a Deputy Minister, having been Deputy Minister (and previously Associate Deputy Minister) of Western Economic Diversification, Chief Human Resources Officer for the Government of Canada and Chief Executive Officer, Parks Canada.

Much of his career has focused on work with Indigenous peoples and issues, having been the Senior Assistant Deputy Minister for Policy and Strategic Direction at the former Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Director General of the Aboriginal Justice Directorate at the federal Department of Justice, and Director of Aboriginal and Territorial Relations at INAC’s Northwest Territories Regional Office. With the Government of British Columbia, he was Director of Treaty Implementation and Settlement Legislation where he led the development of the Nisga’a Final Agreement Act (British Columbia) among other major initiatives and, with the Government of Saskatchewan where he was responsible for first negotiations between provincial Department of Education and what was then the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations.

Marie-Claude Landry

Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission

Marie-Claude Landry, Ad. E., has been the Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission since March 2015.

Previously a founding partner of the law firm Landry, Boucher Inc., Ms. Landry is a renowned leader. Always conscious of placing people at the heart of her actions, Ms. Landry is using her leadership to protect people in vulnerable circumstances and advocate for human rights for all.

As Chief Commissioner of the Canadian Human Rights Commission, Ms. Landry has undertaken several major initiatives, notably the reorganization and simplification of the human rights complaints process to break down barriers to access to justice for people in vulnerable circumstances. Under her leadership, the Commission was also given four new and important roles, pursuant to the Accessible Canada Act, the Pay Equity Act and the National Housing Strategy Act. Ms. Landry meets regularly with many organizations and stakeholders across Canada to hear and understand their concerns. She has taken upon herself and is committed to amplifying the voices that may otherwise go unheard. To raise awareness of the enormous socio-economic impacts of systemic racism and discrimination, Ms. Landry continues to participate in various events an engage with racialized communities. Ms. Landry is a strong advocate for collaboration, solidarity and equality. Ms. Landry has been using her voice to denounce the rise of racism across Canada, and call attention to the adverse and disproportionate impacts of COVID 19 response and recovery measures on minority groups.

Dr. Gina Wong

Founder and Ambassador of the Asian Gold Ribbon Campaign

Dr. Gina Wong is a Psychologist, Professor, and Program Director in the Graduate Centre for Applied Psychology at Athabasca University, Canada.

Dr. Wong arrives at this deliberate and intentional equity, justice, and inclusivity work in solid stance against all forms of hate and racism against BIPOC communities. She is fighting against anti-Asian racism with deep respect and profound awareness of the social and historical context of racism against Black, Indigenous, and other racialized minorities.

Dr. Wong’s own experiences as a racialized Asian woman compels her to this work. She has a strong personal desire to serve the Asian community and to raise awareness and garner pride in Asian heritage and culture. She has delivered keynote addresses and workshops on a variety of topics including the impact of anti-Asian racism on Asian communities.


Teresa Woo-Paw

Founder of Action, Chinese Canadians Together

Teresa is a tireless advocate for diversity, social inclusion and active civic participation. She is the first Canadian woman of Asian descent elected to the Calgary Board of Education (1995-2000), the Alberta Legislature and Cabinet Minister in Alberta (2008-2015).

Teresa founded and built eight non-profit entities over a span of 40 plus years including the ACCT Foundation & Asian Canadians Together-ACT2EndRacism National Network; Asian Heritage Foundation, the Ethnocultural Council of Calgary (Action Dignity) and the Calgary Chinese Community Service Association. She has worked with almost 100 organizations in Canada.

Teresa received appointment as the Chair of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation by the Governor in Council in 2018 and is currently Chair of ACCT Foundation and created the Inspire to Lead Leaders’ Summit and the Aspire to Act Leadership Training Program. Teresa has received numerous awards, including the YWCA Women of Distinction Award in 1998, Chinese Canadian Legend in 2016 and Queen Elizabeth’s 60th Jubilee Award in 2012.

This event will also be done in conjunction with the launch of the inaugural Asian Gold Ribbon day, an initiative by Dr. Gina Wong and Sheila Wong. 

The Asian Gold Ribbon 2021 Campaign urges individuals, organizations, and communities to demonstrate solidarity against Asian racism and to recognize its profound psychological impact.  Asian and non-Asian persons will adorn face masks with the gold ribbon emblem and gold ribbon pins throughout the month of May to signify hope, unity, and solidarity for a better tomorrow. Learn more here.

May 20, 2021 3:30 p.m. - 5 p.m. MST

Join Dr. Gina Wong and Teresa Woo-Paw after the Let’s Talk webinar for the Asian Gold Ribbon East Asian Youth Summit including a panel of youth across Canada talking about their experiences, concerns, their realities, as well as ideas for change. Of the anti-Asian racism attacks reported in Canada, 84% were from individuals of East Asian descent and 42% were reported by youth under 18 years of age. This presentation honors their voices and experiences and culminates into Calls to Action.