Let's Talk Videos

In response to the alarming rise in anti-Asian racism, the Act2EndRacism Network has produced five short videos, seeking to counter disinformation and misinformation that has fueled anti-Asian sentiment.

The goal of these videos is to have you reflect on your experiences, engage in conversations, and together find ways to address anti-Asian racism, hate and intolerance.

You will find a Discussion Guide as a companion to the videos so that organizations, community partners and not-for-profits can use them as resources. We encourage you to use these videos as much as you can to help bring awareness to anti-Asian racism. 

A history of silence: spoken word on model minority


Let’s Talk about Microaggressions


The Model Minority Myth


Let’s Talk about Yellow Peril


Let’s Talk about the Perpetual Foreigner Stereotype


Discussion Guide

May 20, 2021 Let's Talk Webinar

On May 20, 2021, we hosted a panel discussion with The Honourable Bardish Chagger, Deputy Minister Daniel Quan-Watson, Chief Commissioner Marie-Claude Landry and Dr. Gina Wong.

Moderated by Teresa Woo-Paw, the founder of Action, Chinese Canadians Together (ACCT), we discussed why the yellow peril narrative still persists today. In what ways do our systems and structures uphold this form of racism? How has this narrative impacted racialized Canadians as employees, students, community members and, as we strive to be equal citizens?

What Flowers They Bloom

The new documentary “What Flowers They Bloom” takes an intimate look at Asian Canadian small business owner Andy Sue as he explores the psychological trauma of a first-hand encounter with anti-Asian racism during the pandemic. The film examines the social and public health implications of our digital media reality, where social media algorithms detect bias to translate fear, blame and outrage into profit.

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