The COVID-19 outbreak has led to an increase in acts and displays of prejudice, xenophobia, discrimination, violence, and racism against Asian descent in North America. Below are select coverage from various media outlets.


Hundreds rally against anti-Asian hate
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Asian Canadians call for end to anti-Asian racism after Atlanta shootings
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UCal Berkeley’s Dr. Lok Siu, former PC MLA Teresa Woo-Paw, ParityYEG’s Rajah Magga‪y
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Anti-Asian Violence Spiked During COVID-19, Here’s What You Should Know
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Building Bridges Against Racism- Solidarity March in Calgary
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Hundreds of cars line Winnipeg streets for anti-Asian hate vehicle rally
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Atlanta shooting spree raises fears among Asian-Canadians
Lynn Deutscher Kobayashi of the Asian Canadian Women’s Alliance discusses the fatal shooting of six Asian women in Atlanta and how it’s fueling fears of racially motivated attacks on this side of the border.
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Six Dr. Seuss books will no longer be published due to racist content
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Lynn Deutsher Kobayashi, Vice President of the National Association of Japanese Canadians and member of ACT2endracism, advocates for government action to combat anti-Asian racism.
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Vancouver Police Department reports 717% increase in anti-Asian hate crimes in 2020  
Tung Chan, member of ACT2endracism, speaks to the harm to communities and how racism is embedded in BC.
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Here to Build Bridges Calgarians March in Anti-Racism Rally
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Car rally to stop Asian hate
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Anti-Asian Racism Awareness Campaign
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‘Canada seeing an increase in racist attacks against Asians’
News video showcasing the increasing attacks towards Asian Canadians and showcases Act2endracism’s reporting line and available resources.
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‘We will be heard’ say Winnipeg’s Asian communities at anti-hate rally
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New poll reveals Chinese-Canadians’ experiences with racism during Covid-19
Tung Chan, Act2endracism network member shares his insights about the increase in racist incidents against Asian-Canadians
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Calgarians march in solidarity against racism and hate
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Chinese community rallies against hate
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Fear of hate-motivated attacks a concern for Edmonton’s Asian community
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I’m just like you’: Edmonton woman says she has been a victim of racism during pandemic
Act2endracism calling for leaders to draw attention to issues of racism following the telling of an Edmonton woman’s experience of racism.
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Memorial bench for late mother defaced with Anti-China graffiti
A woman in Vancouver is raising concern after a bench dedicated to her parents was defaced with Anti-china graffiti.
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Online reporting tool launched to document incidents of COVID-19 racism
Act2endracism’s texting and online reporting tool, and highlights to importance of reporting racism encounters.
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Videos about Bryan Adam’s social media post:
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Chinese Canadians sharing racist experiences during pandemic
Former MLA Teresa Woo-Paw reacts to new poll that shows Chinese-Canadians have experienced widespread racism over the pandemic and shares where victims can report.
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Asian Canadians demand Derek Sloan be kicked out of the Conservative party for racist remarks
Act2endracims calls on political leaders to unequivocally denounce racist attached by Conservative MP, Derek Sloan, against Chief Public Health Officer of Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam.
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New Text and online reporting tool to track incidents of hate speech and racism towards Asians
Introduces ‘Mei’, Act2endracism’s texting and online reporting virtual helper.
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New national group forms to combat raicsm against Asian Canadians
A network of Asian Canadians has formed it combat racism, and is calling for federal Conservative leadership candidate Derek Sloan to be kicked out of his party.
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Hundreds of Calgarians Rally Against Hate Racism and Discrimination During Weekend Protest
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Graffiti attacks on Calgary Chinese consulate reflects rising racism against Asians, say activists

Network member Rosalind Kang shares her experience as a victim of a man’s racist harangue at a supermarket, and shares how her experience with racism pushed her to joing with other Asian-Canadians to create a new initiative, Act2endracism.
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‘It’s going to escalate’: Poll shows half of Chinese-Canadian are victims of racist slurs during pandemic

Network member Serena Mah shares her frustration at the level of denial among Canadians towards racism.
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Widesoread racism against Chinese Canadians due to pandemic From a study of 516 self-identifed Chinese Canadians found that almost 30 percent have been physically attacked by strangered because of their race due to COVID-19.
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Canadian Organizations, Community Groups Join Coalition Amid Soike in Anti-Asian Racism
Act2endracism network member Judy Hanazawa shares how the Act2endracism network came together, and her experience with racism.
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The Tyee
The ‘Shadow Pandemic’ of Anti-Asian Racism
Highlights specific incidences of Hate Incidences and Hate crimes against Asian Canadians, and Asian Americans due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Message from Michael Gottheil, Chief of the Commission and Tribunals, Alberta Human Rights Commissions
Michael Gottheil acknowledges the rise in racist incidences and shared the Act2endracism website and reporting line.
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Anti-racism group responds to Bryan Adams’ ‘thoughtless’ post
Act2endracism chair, Teresa Woo-Paw expressed her frustration at Bryan Adam’s insensitive instagram post.
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Statement on George Floyd Murder
Teresa Woo-Paw highlights how its important to recognize the myth in how racism is something that happens in the States and not in Canada.
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Asian communities join forces to curb the rise of racism
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Artist confronts Anti-Asian racism with cartoons designed to help target and bystanders
Christine Cheung illustrates a new set of cartoons dealing with microagressions, hate speech and racism for an Act2endracism campaign
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In light of ‘racist remarks’ made by MP Derek Sloan, Asian Canadians demand he be kicked out of the conservative party
A new national network, ACT2endracism, asks political leaders to denounce Conservative MP’s comments against Chief Public Health Officer
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Act2endracism (Ignorane is the parent of fear, continued)
Teresa Woo-Paw dives into some difficult questions about concrete strategies on how to tackle racism.
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Ignorance is the parent of fear (Part 1)
Open conversation on the dangers of xenophobia leading to racial profiling which promotes hate crimes, as seen with recent events in the pandemic.
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Untold Stories
with Serena Mah

This Campaign Maps the Rising Number of Anti-Asian Hate Incidents Multicultural firm Admerasia created the project to track hate attackes on Asian Americans
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Radio Active with Adrienne Pan Segment with Serena Mah
Act2endracism network member Serena Mah shares her experience with a racist encounter
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Coronavirus – The Untold Story of Racism and Discrimination
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CBM Calagy

Act2endracism responds to Asian Racism in Canada (Korean News Outlet)
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40% of B.C. Residents say “more quarantine regulations need to be tightened”
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